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Below you will find all of the services that we offer and they are categorized by type to help you find what you are looking for.

Fire Extinguisher Services:

Annual Inspection and Servicing of all types of fire extinguishers
Emergency Service and Refill of all types of  fire extinguishers
Hydrostatic Testing of all types of fire extinguishers
Sales of all types of fire extinguishers (We sell these brands: Amerex, Badger, Ansul, Minimax, Buckeye)
Extinguishers we work on include: 
ABC Dry Chemical Extinguishers
BC Dry Chemical Extinguishers
K-Class (restaurant type) Extinguishers
CO2 Extinguishers
Halon 1211 Extinguishers
Halotron Extinguishers
FM200 Extinguishers
Clean Guard Extinguishers
Class D Extinguishers
Wheeled Unit 50lb to 150lb Extinguishers (Dry Chem, CO2, and Halon)

Cylinder Services:

Hydrostatic Testing of Scuba Tanks
Hydrostatic Testing of Airpacks
Hydrostatic Testing of Nitrogen Tanks
Hydrostatic Testing of CO2 Tanks
Hydrostatic Testing of Oxygen Tanks
We can refill all of these tanks as well.

Fire Hose Services:

Annual Inspection of fire hoses
3 or 5 year burst testing of fire hoses (NFPA 25)
Sales of NST 50', 75', 100' rack and reel fire hose
Sales of single jacket and double jacket fire hose.
We can do custom orders on fire hose as well.
We can do Fire Hose System, Sprinkler System, and Standpipe 5 year certification via ASTI Services

Emergency Lighting Services:

Annual Inspection of Exit and Emergency Lights
Repair of Exit and Emergency Lights
Sales of all types of Emergency Lights (battery backup, hard wired, 10 year, and 20 year)